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Queens Saga



Bakery Initiation of home bakers to provide quality and delicious bakes.


Queens'saga. Your Local Bakery

Our passion for indulging in and having a desire for pastries, desserts & cakes takes us to beautiful heights. Knowing that what you’re making will make other people happy is one of the warmest & happiest feelings that bakers around have come to feel celebratory about. Eventually, when two love bakers share the same interests on their journey, a new beginning starts that we call Baily World. We may not step into the world as first baby steps, but Baily World has made its mark & professed us towards many more proud steps, both as individuals & baking, which is like our made visible off several hours. We use the best quality ingredients in our baking."“Which is vital as it has great impact on taste and flavor and health safety for consumers. Choosing right ingredients leads to end product enjoyable and satisfactory.”