Pink Floral Elegance Theme cake

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Celebrate love and unity with our elegant engagement cake, adorned with lush flowers and a custom “Just Engaged” topper. The two-tiered design, featuring a smooth white and pink gradient, is sprinkled with gold leaf accents for a touch of luxury.

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    • Queen’saga Bakery’s Elegant Engagement Cake
    • The top tier is white, while the bottom tier transitions from white to pink.
    • Gold leaf accents are scattered artistically on both tiers of the cake.
    • There are intricate pink and white flowers placed at the base and top of the cake, adding natural beauty.
    • A golden “Just Engaged” topper with a diamond ring design adorns the top of the cake.
    • The cake sits on a golden base, complementing the gold accents on the cake itself.
    • The background is greyish-white, textured fabric that accentuates the vibrant colors of the cake.

    Belgium chocolate, Butterscotch, Chocolate cake, Hazelnut heaven, Lotus biscoff, Signature Vanilla


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