Butterfly Embrace Birthday Cake

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Delight in Queen’saga’s “Butterfly Embrace” birthday cake—a visual masterpiece that promises both flavor and elegance.

Prep time 6 to 7hrs

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    Queen’saga Bakery invites you to experience elegance and artistry with our “Butterfly Embrace” birthday cake. This exquisite creation is more than a dessert—it’s a canvas of flavor and beauty. The smooth white fondant serves as the backdrop for a meticulously detailed illustration of a woman, her grace captured in every stroke. Golden butterflies, delicate and enchanting, appear to flutter above the cake, adding a whimsical touch. Each slice reveals the moist, flavorful layers that define our cakes—a harmonious blend of premium ingredients. Celebrate with sophistication and taste.


    Belgium chocolate, Butterscotch, chocolate, Hazelnut


    1 kg, 2 kg, 3 kg, 500 grams


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