Playful Unicorn Theme Cake

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Queen’saga Bakery presents a whimsical unicorn and rainbow-themed birthday cake. Adorned with vibrant details and personalized touches, it promises to make every birthday celebration magical!

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    Dive into a world of enchantment with Queen’saga Bakery’s magical birthday cake! Every inch of this delightful dessert is adorned with colorful and whimsical details, perfect for making birthday wishes come true. The soft pink base is garnished with a playful unicorn, radiant stars, and fluffy clouds that seem to float on the cake’s surface. Towering above is a vibrant rainbow arc, each color vivid and inviting, crowned with the celebrant’s name in bold letters. Every bite promises a mix of moist cake layered with creamy frosting, delivering not just a visual feast but an explosion of flavors.


    Belgium chocolate, Butterscotch, chocolate, Hazelnut, Lotus biscoff, Vanilla


    1 kg, 2 kg, 3 kg


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